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Edouard Bovet was born in 1797 in Fleurier, the son of a mast watchmaker. He studied and worked in London before going to Canton China. Bovet eventually returns to Fleurier, Switzerland and established the Bovet Company. In the 1990s it produced a unique style of watch which incorporated various elements of the pocket watch form in its construction, such as at the lugs, and won awards after its introduction in 1997. Most Bovet watches use this trademark style today. The watches are unique for their high-quality enameling (such as the Fleurier Miniature Painting models), engraving, and a seven-day self-winding Tourbillon. Bovet watches are also unique for the company's tradition of employing women artisans, which is rare for traditional watch making companies in Europe. Some of the limited edition modern Bovet watches can cost more than USD 1 million, and the purchaser of such a watch is usually flown out to the manufacturing facility in Switzerland by the company to witness the production process and meet the artisans.

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