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One of the famed British names in horology and invention, Arnold & Son has roots dating back nearly 250 years. Indeed, the watchmaker for whom the brand is named played a significant role in developing the perfect marine chronometer in the 1760s. Today, the brand pays homage to the watchmaking prowess initiated by its forefather. The Arnold & Son dynasty began in 1764 when John Arnold, a young clockmaker in London, first became noticed for his talents by King George IIIwho asked Arnold to join his courts. Throughout his career, Arnold was intent on trying to solve the problem of finding longitude at sea, and worked diligently on creating seafaring timepieces. From 1767 on, he ran several trials with clocks on board ships at sea. Each one led him to new horological inventions, including the spring detent escapement, the bimetallic spring and the helical balance spring. He even produced a pocket chronometer watch. John Arnolds technical expertise was superb, and he dedicated himself to creating timepieces for the ships of His British Majesty. In 1787, with the help of his son, he founded Arnold & Son. Their timepieces accompanied some of the most illustrious English explorersSir Ernest Shackelton, Captain Cook and Captain Phippson their famed expeditions.

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